Adequate Requirements for University

As much as some people would beg to differ, no matter what field someone goes into for university, they will be using English for the rest of their life. It does not matter if they go into Science or Math or English, communication is a very important part of life which is why Grade 12 English should be a requirement to get into all programs in university.

Photo showing how English provides knowledge.

Some students in high school, including myself, have at least once thought about why Grade 12 English is needed for all university programs. But I know that thought about practically, all areas of life require communication, therefore require English.

Western University has a link on their admissions website saying what their prerequisites are for every program that they offer and one thing that every program has in common is the requirement for Grade 12 English. This is a requirement at every university because English classes teach people how to communicate verbally and through writing with much more sophistication, which is something that will come in handy later in life especially when entering the workforce (“Ontario Secondary School Admissions Requirements.”).

Many high school students will argue that English should not be required for all courses post-secondary because students going into Engineering, Pre-Med, Math or Science are going to be focused on courses specific to their discipline. Just as English or Social Science students are typically not required to take Math or Science courses. But the fact of the matter is that universities are aiming to give well-rounded educations to students, so students, no matter their discipline, should be required to take courses from different disciplines other than their own to round out their education (JimmyChung. “Why is English Mandatory.”).




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